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M-m-m-my name is S-s-sunny. S-sunny Gurlukovich. I l-l-live on b-board the N-nomad with Uncle Hal and S-s-snake. I h-have t-t-trouble t-t-talking, but I don't l-l-let it get in the w-way. I don't know m-much ab-b-bout myself. I've l-l-lived with Uncle Hal and S-snake as l-l-long as I c-c-c-can re-remember. W-we live about the N-nomad, a f-f-flying v-vessel that p-protects us f-f-from The Patriots La Li Lu Le Lo.
I l-l-like to take c-care of my p-pet chickens, Solid, Liquid, and Solidus, and c-c-cook eggs for Uncle Hal and S-s-snake. I s-s-pend all my f-f-free t-time inside the n-net, trying to f-f-find out ... who I am, and w-w-where I c-came from. Uncle Hal and Snake are on a m-m-mission. A m-mission to stop The Patriots La Li Lu Le Lo. I-i-i'm not s-s-sure what it's all ab-b-bout, but I'll d-do my b-b-best to help Uncle Hal and S-s-snake!

Sunny Gurlukovich is from Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns Of The Patriots, and is the property of Konami Digital Entertainment and Hideo Kojima. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.


L (Death Note)

Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)

The Strange Merchant (Resident Evil 4)

Captain Kathryn Janeway (Star Trek : Voyager)

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cooking eggs, finding out about my mother and grandfather, helping uncle hal and snake, learning about space, nasa, working with solis and philanthropy

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